I’m not affiliated with Wolfram Research in any way, so all the opinions are my own. I might be dangerously wrong in my understanding how things work, and my code might contain bugs that could burn down your computer (or your house).

Why this blog?

This blog is about programming in Wolfram Language. Wolfram Research provides many great entry points to the language:

The built-in documentation is top-notch, you can start experimenting with code immediately in Wolfram Programming Lab (no sign-in required), and Wolfram Blog provides an excellent exposition to the language.

The goal of this blog is to provide a bridge between the topics discussed in elementary books and the more advanced stuff mentioned in the official blog and the documentation. Sometimes it’s easier to understand a concept if you can see it applied (and explained) to solving a real problem.

About the author

I live in San Francisco Bay Area, doing Product Management by day and programming Wolfram Language by night. I first tried Mathematica in college in the late 1990s (but it didn’t click back then) and has been using it more and more lately to do all sorts of computations, primarily for my own edification.

Here is my Mathematica.SE profile; I’m especially proud of my question about finding a bright object on Mars that got almost 200 upvotes and 100 stars, mostly because of a terrific answer by Niki Estner.